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Nostalgia Critic is an American review comedy web series created, written, edited, directed, and performed by Italian-born American web comedian Doug Walker. The show follows Walker as the titular Nostalgia Critic, a bitter and sarcastic critic who reviews films and television shows from his childhood and recent past, usually with comically exaggerated rage. The show often alternates the Critic’s angry rants and juvenile humor with legitimate analysis of the episode’s subject. Walker briefly retired the series in August to work on other projects, even writing the character out of existence in the Channel Awesome film To Boldly Flee. The show subsequently returned with a more narrative and sketch-driven sixth season, beginning on February 5, with a review of The Odd Life of Timothy Green. The series was initially launched on YouTube in July, but episodes were frequently removed by the website following complaints of copyright infringement. In April , the videos were removed from YouTube but an arrangement between the company and content host Blip in resulted in them being featured on YouTube once more. The concept was for a female host to review female-targeted “nostalgic” films and television. The competition was won by Ellis, then using the name “The Dudette”, as announced on the site, “Nostalgia Chick Winner! On September 14, , Walker announced the retirement of Nostalgia Critic and that it would no longer be a weekly production, as he and his brother felt that they had gone as far as they could with the series.

Channel Awesome

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In February , the Chick appeared in the Nostalgia Critic’s Ferngully: The Last had an awkward date with ThatGuyWithTheGlasses as The Nostalgia Critic.

It’s become a family sci-fi classic, with lots of laughs and lots of heart. Let’s see if it still has the same power it did when it came out so many years ago. Nostalgia Critic takes a look at The Iron Giant. Everyone knows the Peter Jackson version, but years earlier animation director Ralph Bakshi gave his unique take on the famous story. Is it worth looking up? By popular demand and incredible resistance , Nostalgia Critic takes a look at the Sesame Street film based on one of the most annoying red crazes.

Let’s finally take a look at The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland. It’s one of Disney’s highest grossing movies, yet so many people hate it. Let’s find out why the remake of a timeless classic fell hard off of Pride Rock. The Nostalgia Critic reviews the live action Lion King from It’s one of Disney’s darkest films, as well as one of Nostalgia Critic’s favorites! So what works so well about it and what crumbles like a stone gargoyle? Yep, this was a thing.

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From to , she was part of the Channel Awesome production company [3] under the web name The Nostalgia Chick , a counterpart to the Nostalgia Critic. In , Ellis ended her affiliation with Channel Awesome to focus more on long-form video essays. She published her debut novel, Axiom’s End , in

Ellis– who got her start as Nostalgia Chick, Critic’s counterpart for girl-targeted films and shows that Walker felt he couldn’t adequately cover.

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Who Watches the Nostalgia Chick?

Look back at the leading ladies of the s who made their mark with iconic roles and some major hairstyles, too. See the gallery. Title: The Nostalgia Chick — Lindsay the Nostalgia Chick is here to review those nostalgic films that appeal to the female audience. While she started out being the feminine version of The Nostalgia Critic, Lindsay has since broken off into her own wild and wacky review series that includes her best friend Nella turning to the “Dark” side.

Over the summer of , the The Nostalgia Critic put out a search for a female counterpart As the Nostalgia Chick, Lindsay also teamed with Doug to review “Ferngully: The Last Episode Number, Name, Summary, Date Released.

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How YouTube Made a Star Out of This Super-Smart Film Critic

Welcome to EverybodyWiki! Sign in or create an account to improve, watchlist or create an article like a company page or a bio yours? The series began in July 3, on YouTube , but after the website removed several episodes due to alleged copyright violations, the series was moved in April 6, to Walker’s own humor website, That Guy with the Glasses, where it was hosted until late , when it was moved to ChannelAwesome. Most episodes center on comedic bashings of movies and serials that Walker finds to be poorly written, badly acted, and typically panned by critics—particularly Siskel and Ebert, whom Doug openly acknowledges as his favorite critics.

The series also features several “Top 11 Countdown” segments, which Doug does as opposed to the traditional “Top 10” because he, in his own words, “Like s to go one step beyond”, as well as a series of “Old vs.

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Then she heads to a shelf stocked with Transformers of varying sizes, colors, and allegiances. She eventually selects a handful of figures, including miniature-sized versions of Starscream and Windblade that recently appeared on her wedding cake, and carries them back to her desk. Auteur theory. She rarely focuses on the big-name new releases of the moment. Watching her clips is like taking a Screen Aesthetics class with a cool professor, and then hanging out at the campus coffee shop afterward, listening in as she riffs about, say, the significance of a giant robot peeing on John Turturro.

Her home-studio setup consists of a single digital camera, some minimal lighting and sound equipment, and a boxy, iPhone-controlled teleprompter. Ellis has been producing videos for more than a decade, but only recently have elaborate essays like ” Independence Day vs. War of the Worlds ” become her full-time job. Ellis and some of her team went to New Zealand as part of the production, which she feared her supporters would find excessive; instead, the videos gave her the biggest Patreon boost ever.

Lindsay Ellis

This was not a decision made lightly, but it has been a decision that has been building for some time. I began Atop the Fourth Wall as text reviews because as far as I knew, that was the way to do recaps and reviews of media — particularly BAD media. Then one day on a forum I discovered the Nostalgia Critic.

I learned of this fantastic place called ThatGuyWithTheGlasses where others did their own videos about the media they hated or enjoyed, with videos uploaded to Youtube, Revver, and eventually Blip. There was just tons and tons of content waiting to be enjoyed by an eager, hungry audience. Inspired by this in particular the Nostalgia Critic videos , I set about turning my rantings about comic books into videos.

There needed to be a “Nostalgia Chick” to go with the critic*. boiling point, with people suggesting that they were siblings, married, or dating.

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This article or section needs expansion. Although they’ve had many types of content over the years, it has mainly been centered around the entertainment review -style that they helped popularize, which incorporates sketches and comedy into a review of material that’s often “so bad it’s good. The site also hosted a series called 5 Second Movies , which were hyper-edited recuts of popular films. By , the site had attracted over 20 different reviewers, most of whom existed in the same continuity, colloquially known as the awesomeverse or reviewaverse.

These reviwers frequented collaborated and appeared in each others videos, enforcing this continuity which included the existence of magic, incredibly advanced technology, and intersections of the two as shows that started out as mainly reviewing media began to grow their own plot arcs.

A page for describing Awesome: Nostalgia Chick. Chick coming in to chloroform the Critic at the end of the Transformers review, mostly for how much of a Take note Hollywood, that’s how you make a Dating Catwoman scenario work.

She has a Boston Terrier named Clio, who lives with her parents in Tennessee, and a pup named Kali who has appeared in various videos. Her videos are now filed under “Team NChick. Lindsay announced in January that she would be leaving the site early in the year, with her final review for Channel Awesome being ‘Animorphs’. She also stated that she would continue posting reviews on her own site and with ‘League of Super Critics’ along with other projects, however would be dropping the title of Nostalgic Chick.

Lindsay currently holds the position of The Nostalgia Chick. She was the winner of the search for the Nostalgia Chick contest, which took place over the summer of

Nostalgia Chick – An Enchanted Cindernella Ever After