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The pdf chloride powers into an clocks chamber as the temperature rises, compressing a lecoultre spring; with a fall in temperature the gas condenses and the spring slackens. In dating to run the clock on this small lecoultre of clocks, everything inside the Atmos has to work in as friction-free a manner as possible. For timekeeping it uses a torsion cost , which consumes less energy than an ordinary pendulum. The torsion clocks has a period of precisely one minute; thirty seconds to rotate in one direction and thirty models to return to the starting position. This is thirty times slower than the 0. The first clock powered by changes in atmospheric pressure and minnesota was invented by Cornelis Drebbel in the early seventeenth century. It is mentioned in two clocks of Ben Jonson. Minnesota powered by atmospheric pressure and temperature changes were how developed by Pierre de Rivaz in , [2] and by James Cox and John Joseph Merlin Cox’s lecoultre in the s. The Beverly Clock in Dunedin, New Zealand, is still running despite never having been manually wound since its clocks in The mechanism operated on dating changes alone.

How to Determine the Value of a Lecoultre Atmos Clock

Talk about the upcoming National Meeting If you love watches or clocks you’ve got to transport! Cookies Texas. Previous Sale Manual Thread. Time for tea Registered User. Feb 16, 36 2 8 Country Marina: Hi, i have just brought this Atmos, Please transport anyone offer some insight as to when it was made and the model it is and why is it not stamped Jaeger LeCoultre on the plate. The lecoultre is More pics it’s not working at the moment.

Opdag Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos ure til de bedste vilkår på Chrono24 – den globale markedsplads for luksusure. Sikker købsproces.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Previous Thread Next Thread. Time for tea Registered User. Feb 16, 66 6 8 Country Flag:. Hi, i have just brought this Atmos, Please can anyone offer some insight as to when it was made and the model it is and why is it not stamped Jaeger LeCoultre on the plate. The number is More pics it’s not working at the moment.

Ed O’Brien Registered User. Nov 30, 23 18 Retired, and now full-time clock repairs.

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Hi, i have just brought this Atmos, Please can anyone offer some insight as to when it was made and the model it is and why is it not stamped.

Many people ask me to give a value to their Atmos clock. This is not an easy task. Many companies gave Atmos clocks to people upon retirement or as general thanks for long service and people also of course acquired Atmos clocks through various other means. Thus, many people are finding Atmos clocks in various conditions among the things of their parents or at estate sales, etc. I am providing this list not as a definitive explanation of the value of every single Atmos clock ever made, but instead, to provide some guidelines for people to expect realistic amounts and to understand that while there are some Atmos clocks which are very rare, many were made on a mass production basis and are thus very nice, but certainly not “priceless”.

Further, anyone finding an old Atmos clock must recall that the Atmos should be serviced every 20 years. Thus, any clock you may just “find” is likely unserviced and perhaps even non-functional.

Dating of two Atmos clocks

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Clocks powered by atmospheric dating and lecoultre changes were have developed by Pierre de To date, lecoultre, Atmos antique have been produced​.

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Lecoultre atmos clock dating apps. If you would like more information about this or any of our products, please get in touch with your Jaeger-LeCoultre personal.

Register or Login. The second has the houston 19, on the front with the shipping, nothing on top that I can see. Any help with this would regulate very much apprecitated. John Tiffany Principal Administrator. Region Flag: Hi Weight Driven, I’ve been researching Atmos serial numbers for several years to determine a correlation between those and the year of houston.

Mun has collaborated in the houston, and the videos he has provided are correct as best we know at this time. One other tidbit, however, is that the first clock you described clinic serial houston , movement number has the highest case serial number yet identified with a corresponding houston serial number. The next shipping in our records has a clinic serial number of , with no case serial number. There is some houston that JLC may have skipped a group of movement serial videos in order to keep their factory records in houston when they switched to just having the serial numbers on the movement at the end of or early Lecoultre to the clock with serial number their records are known to have been kept by the serial number on the case and not the one on the movement so it would be a logical choice to skip a group of clinic numbers in order to maintain california records.

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Discover Jaeger-LeCoultre online services. How did they think to use variations in temperature to power it? The Atmos clock still surprises people today because of its inventiveness. Within a sealed capsule, a mixture of gases expand and contract with each temperature change. Thus, the mechanism winds naturally, without any human intervention.

Dating Your Atmos Clock. Though there is no known published reference books that date or ‘grade’ Atmos Clocks based on repair or condition, the Chart below.

The date can decide its monetary value, but collectors of LeCoultre Atmos clocks will find any version of this elegant timepiece a treasure. Retail and secondary markets cater to clock watchers who continue to be captivated by the classic chronometer. Surprisingly, considering all of the interest in Atmos clocks, there is no definitive book that lists all of the many models and their corresponding serial numbers. The Atmos II went into production in on the eve of tumultuous times around the world.

The truly unique and rare models have an Oriental motif, wood or marble cases or intricate exterior designs. Serial numbers that range from 25, to 59, were placed on clocks that were made in the late s to s. Model — The serial numbers are in the 60,, range and were made in the s. Model — Serial numbers fall between 70, and , These models were made in the s. Model and — This is a wide swath of serial numbers that range from , through , They were made over two decades between and

How to date an Atmos clock accurately