95 Kitchens That’ll Make You Want to Redo Yours

Nothing shines a light on a boring, outdated kitchen better than shabby, forgettable kitchen cabinets. Luckily, updating kitchen cabinets is a relatively easy fix that transforms the entire room. Once you determine your budget, check out the different options to determine which approach is the right fit for you and your needs, and then dive into a whole new kitchen experience you’ll love for years to come. Refinishing, painting or staining kitchen cabinets can be an easy and inexpensive way to make the old look new again—and it’s a fun way to upgrade your color scheme and add a touch of flair. By refacing or resurfacing kitchen cabinets, you’re adding a layer of laminate or wood veneer over existing cabinet surfaces for an instant new outward appearance. Such is the variety on this option that you can instantly change the type of wood, color and style for a complete cabinet makeover. More expensive than a simple refinish but much less than a complete remodel, it adds value to your home at an affordable price.

Updating my timber kitchen

Are your kitchen cabinets outdated or in need of sprucing up? Keeping up with all the new kitchen trends of the year can be difficult and expensive. Revamping your kitchen cabinets with a few small changes and a little elbow grease will help keep costs low and will give you a new look tailored to fit you. For closed off kitchens that feel a little cramped, you might want to consider removing your cabinet doors.

Find Kitchen renovations on for Klerksdorp.

Aug You can chose to paint your island unit in a contrast colour and the feedback from many of our satisfied customers is to use Annie Sloan TM paint. We sell a full range of her colours and our team are fully trained and happy to guide you through the painless process. Again…its best to talk to our team and get advice based on your specific project needs. Out with black ornate and in with brushed nickel.

Stay plain, stay timeless! You could even try a mix-and-match look by replacing just the wall or base cupboard doors of your existing kitchen.

Updating Your Kitchen for a Greater ROI (Return on Investment)

I knew there was no way we wanted to take on the drab olive-hued cabinets, the cracked countertops, or the mismatched tiles on the floor. We quickly crossed that home off the list of potentials. Your kitchen can literally make or break your home sale. Then, clear countertops of clutter and knick knacks and remove items from the tops of cabinets and the refrigerator.

This will make your space appear larger and help potential buyers focus on seeing their own things in the space Fresh paint is a relatively inexpensive way of changing the entire look of a room.

Tips and tricks to update dated oak kitchen cabinets without painting them. Make your oak cabinets feel modern and fresh with these easy diy.

An ad in a glossy magazine depicts a kitchen full of contented dinner party guests gathered around a royal blue, enameled cast-iron range the size of a golf cart. What that appliance advertisement omits is that the retail price of the equipment is only the starting point. First, the floor must be shored up to support the sizeable load.

Then there’s the on-site assembly of some parts by the delivery crew. And last, but by no means least, there’s the installation of a high-powered exhaust hood capable of handling the heat from jet engine-like burners. Plainly, some professional-style cooking appliances are not for every homeowner, kitchen and budget. However, they’re much easier to integrate into your kitchen than true commercial appliances.

The early pioneers of the prosumer trend didn’t have the selection of consumer-friendly pro-style appliances that are on the market today.

Updating your kitchen? 5 latest trends to keep in mind

Learn more. Shape Created with Sketch. Return to Zillow. Kitchens are definitely something buyers pay close attention to. According to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report , 58 percent of buyers who purchased in the last 12 months said having their preferred style of kitchen was extremely or very important to their home-buying decision. But investing thousands of dollars into a full kitchen transformation before listing your home for sale might not be the best investment.

Marvelous Painting Kitchen Cabinets Image of Tips For Updating Melamine Cabinets So, my husband and I had a little problem with our kitchen cupboards​.

Your kitchen should be a place you love spending time in. It should be comfortable, convenient, and beautiful. You may be more focused on and functionality to keep your kitchen up-to-date, but replacing old wallpaper with a fresh coat of paint and updating your cabinets can have a huge impact on the overall vibe of your kitchen.

You can continue with your style overhaul with new kitchen flooring and countertops, which will completely transform your space. Not only can you upgrade your current to improve function, but you can also find better functionality of the space. For example, you can add more cabinets or expand the size of your current cabinet space in order to achieve better storage. You may even think about expanding the kitchen itself by knocking down a wall in order to extend counter space.

Have you been dreaming of the convenience a kitchen island would bring to your cooking and prepping space? Or imaging how beautiful your kitchen would look illuminated by more natural?

Updating kitchen cupboards

Here is the latest instalment of our series of blog posts on home improvement. We recently blogged about which home improvements can add value, and which may not. This week, we are focusing on kitchens with our guide to updating your kitchen on a budget.

La Maison Interior Design have shared their top tips on how to spruce up your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Kitchens are hot topics for the team over at RMS. I hope the snaps below show how you can make a big impact on a small budget. What did we do? Well here goes. Nearly a year ago we had an electrician from Westline do various jobs on the house, one of them being the removal of the three pendants from the centre of the kitchen which only really succeeding in lighting up the crumbs on the floor.

He replaced them with nine LED spots and two retro pendants over the peninsular so we could finally see when prepping and eating. In the new year we removed the trim from the top of the cupboards, replacing it with a more detailed plinth to add extra interest and painted it white to match the units. White painted laminate cupboards Image by Adam Crohill. Classic kitchen with modern monochrome accents Image by Adam Crohill.

Next came the faffery. The copper effect utensils and cafetiere are all from their copper range and I love how they complement the other splashes of chrome. A low budget meant we were unable to replace the wooden worktops which are frequently prone to staining. The Wilko chopping boards and paddles have been really useful to use as counter protectors too.

Updating our 1930’s kitchen.

If you’ve been with your kitchen a long time, chances are, you’ve been through a lot together—experimenting with meals both masterpieces and disasters , crafting last-minute school projects, and gossiping at parties galore—and things might be feeling a bit, well, stale. While you still love your kitchen, you’re not currently in love with it. If you find yourself watching more and more HGTV, googling terms like “open floorplan” and “apron-front sinks,” and have nightly dreams wherein you discuss the ins and outs of kitchen renovation while jogging with Chip Gaines , it’s time to face facts: Your kitchen has lost its spark.

Maybe you’re open to a variety of kitchen upgrade ideas. Perhaps you’re thinking about whiting out the entire kitchen space. Or you’re tempted to kick things into action by knocking down all the kitchen walls.

Caesarstone quartz surfaces are ideal for virtually any interior surface.

Buying the house and doing the major repairs, like replacing the furnace and taking down the chimney, sucked up a lot of our resources. We took a lot more time and care painting our cupboards this time around than we did in our old house. Let me tell you, painting cupboards is an ordeal. It is not a quick and easy project. It is long, annoying, and grueling. Be prepared to have your canned goods and dishes strewn throughout the house for weeks.

First thing, just look at it. How the heck do you use that thing? I actually had to read the manual. I really agonized over the flooring for this room. The rest of this house has hardwood except for the extensively tiled bathrooms. I had originally envisioned tile, but we are dealing with a pretty lumpy floor and did not want to get into a new subfloor. We ended up choosing vinyl plank flooring, which was easy to install and is really easy to maintain.

Updating Oak Kitchen Cabinets With Fresh Decor

Step into a kitchen, and you can immediately guess the decade when it was last remodeled, thanks to the presence of once-trendy color schemes, outmoded appliances, and retro cabinetry. Indeed, because a kitchen involves so much more than simply four walls, this room tends to get stuck in time more easily than others in the house.

As the heart of the home, though, the kitchen also has a lot more on the line.

Updating your kitchen isn’t just about new units and appliances – it’s about new colour schemes and design styles. If you’re happy with your cupboards and wall.

This is particularly relevant for kitchens which get a lot of use and where designers and appliance manufacturers are always coming up with something new. Here are some suggestions of ways to add a bit of zing to that old kitchen and some can be adopted for other rooms too. Upgrade your worktops and splashbacks These days there are many materials that can be chosen for worktops and splashbacks. We often install Corian, granite, quartz Cimstone and Caesarstone and wood worktops which can make an instant improvement to a kitchen.

Splashbacks do a great job in protecting kitchen walls from grease and other splashes. They can be made of the same material as the worktops or glass or stainless steel. Alternatively tiles can be a cheaper way to add colour and texture, although they and the grout used need to be kept clean. There are a great many styles and shapes to choose from including ceramic, glass and stone and designs are limitless so it pays to shop around. As with all of these suggestions we are here to help if you need inspiration.

This can be painting the walls and ceiling or the kitchen cupboards — or both. Our previous blog on Kitchen Colours runs through how to approach selecting a colour for your kitchen. Something you might consider is to create a feature wall. We have noticed a number of clients creating a strongly coloured wall to provide an eye-catching focus within the kitchen. This can also be wallpapered if you spot a striking design.

30 Easy and Efficient Ways to Update Your Kitchen

Get closer to the kitchen of your dreams, without splurging on a remodel. While we all might have visions of our dream kitchen dancing in our head or multiple images pinned to a Pinterest board—doing a full-scale renovation might not be in the budget at the moment. Here are a few easy ways to update your kitchen—no remodeling necessary. Warm up your finishes with a brass option in a sleek, modern shape. This will instantly make your kitchen look on-trend, but it won’t cost a fortune to achieve.

To paint them,a good rub down first, use zinser bin primer only! followed by 2 coats of acrylic egshell, brush on then use a foam roller to lay off. Finish of with a​.

I have good quality kitchen units but they’re very dark wood. I wanted to get them painted but I’m not sure how much it would cost or if I’d need to get them stripped first T C Property Maintenance. To paint them,a good rub down first, use zinser bin primer only! Finish of with a satin clear varnish. Don’t forget to sand between coats with fine grit sandpaper. Roc builders. You can paint them yourself. Wickes etc sell cupboard paint for around a tenner covers 8m2 per tin.

Hi Lisa, I am an Architect, but whilst doing another project used Alder Engineering, in west London, when I visited their workshop, I noticed they were also refurbishing and spraying kitchen cabinets, I would check them out, by all means quote my name, Lee Davidson Architect from Muswell Hill good luck with it. Kitchen units are amazingly long lasting,and there is very little maintenance. But there is also a thousand ways to rekindle your kitchen,re-coating by stain or paint 2 of many options,there is no real need to replace if you can get a good professional in that will give you guidence and advice,cost is your option but remember you get what you pay for.

And for the price of a new kitchen you could get a complete re-vamp of your old kitchen.

Updating Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Our kitchen units are melamine, which has a laminate texture. The units were originally cream but we desperately wanted darker units. We felt a darker shade would look more modern and also less grubby. Before you begin to treat and paint your cupboards I would advise detaching the doors from the main unit. After a little research we discovered a surface primer by Owatrol. This primer can be used over multiple surfaces including walls, existing paint, ceramic and melamine.

How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen? Here’s where you Better hardware also stands up to daily use and abuse. “You don’t want the.

Oak-mania, mixed with the trend of matching all the woodwork in a home, has left our homes oak-ridden. Most of our clients have the same problem. While that yellow-y sheen may make you shudder now, once it is tempered a little bit, those warm tones really can shine. There are a few different ways to visually minimize all that oak so that you have an updated, welcoming space without breaking the bank. Too much of anything can make a space feel claustrophobic.

So the decision was made to keep the window and door casings along with all the stair railings.

Updating Our Kitchen!